About Me

I’m a father, teacher, juggler, amongst other things.  September through June I teach math to middle schoolers.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Hey Jeff, isn’t teaching the Pythagorean Theorem to adolescent kids more fun than you can handle?”  Truthfully, no.

It’s really not.  I love teaching kids and we do have a ton of fun, but I think I can handle some more.

So logically that means teaching kids to juggle in my free time.  Well alright, I don’t run the program during the school year (other than intramural juggling at my school) because I’m just so busy with my students and my family.  But I think I can squeeze a little time out of the summer for such a worthy cause.

I see it every day.  Kids having lost their will to learn because they’ve lost their ability to learn.  Or vice-versa.  Things that are seen as “hard” are shied away from.  They don’t choose the road less traveled even though that road could very well lead them to the circus life – or some other equally as rewarding life though I can’t imagine what that might be.

With this program I’m teaching kids to learn by learning to juggle.  But I’m also teaching them that they have this amazing ability to learn and do and accomplish, that if left untapped, may very well wind up being the greatest tragedy of their lives.  It would be a tragedy for us all, spoiling the future because we’re stuck in the past.

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