I’ve collected some resources to aid you in your juggling journey:


  • I make juggling balls, flowersticks, and rola bolas.  You can get them here.
  • Higgins Brothers is where I get most of the supplies I don’t make myself.  They are a Canadian company that makes affordable high quality equipment.  They are extremely nice, knowledgeable, and helpful.  
  • Dube is another well known name in the juggling business.  They are NYC based and have an extensive collection of equipment.


  • International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) has an extensive collection of articles and videos.  They also organize a huge festival every year.  I am a proud member of the IJA.
  • JuggleNYC is a local group that hosts many events in Manhattan and the surrounding areas.  I’ve attended their festival and show and it is top notch.
  • Marcus Monroe is my personal favorite juggler (besides the kids I teach – you guys rock!).  I had the pleasure of seeing Marcus in person and was blown away by his talent.


  • I’ve collected an assortment of youtube videos.  Some are entertaining, some are informative, and some are way way over your head.

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