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When I started this program I was fortunate enough to get an ample supply of juggling equipment at a decent price.  That was all right for workshops but what about multi-session classes where participants wanted to go home and practice?  I needed a way to have juggling balls on demand.

Sure, there’s the old balloons and rice method but that opens up another whole host of issues – including latex sensitivity and exploding poor little birdy bellies (a myth by the way) when the balloons eventually degrade and rupture.  There had to be a better option.

That’s when I hearkened back to my Boy Scout days.  Monkey fists?  Monkey fists!  They should work well.  The primary purpose of monkey fists is to weight the end of a rope so it can be thrown – over a tree to store food out of reach of hungry bears, out to someone struggling in the water or on dangerous ice, etc.

If I could get my hands on some golf balls and climbing rope, I could make juggling balls that are consistently and appropriately weighted that are also durable, quiet, and attractive.  All it would take is my time.  Of course, time away from my family would price them at several hundred thousand dollars a piece but if I could make them while watching Adventure Time (did I mention I have two young sons?) I could probably get the price down to something more reasonable.

Note that I will not sell directly to campers/students.  Parents can place an order to be picked up at a class or club meeting and save shipping costs and an additional 20%.

Monkey Fists $25

If you want a set of monkey fists, um, let’s call them The Official JugglingRocks Juggling Balls, you can come to a workshop, email me, or get them right here for a very reasonable $25.  Tell me a hard luck story and I’ll probably offer you a discount, not definitely, but probably.  After all, teaching math pays the bills, teaching that learning is more accessible (and in fact necessary) than realized is just for fun.  Oh yeah, and I want to change the world – but who doesn’t?


Chainmaille Balls $75

New! I’ve taken up chainmaille and have made a few sets of juggling balls.  These of course are the result of long hours of tedious wire working so they are priced accordingly.  But if you haven’t experienced the satisfying crush of the chainmaille ball (both in feel and sound) then you’re missing out.

Flower Sticks $30

Flower sticks are a lot of fun and can be picked up by the novice pretty easily.  That makes them great for those looking for some instant gratification that juggling balls just doesn’t seem to give.  I make these with recycled inner tubes so not only are you having fun learning a new skill but you’re also saving the planet.  How great is that?!


Rola Bolas $45

These are fun, I’ve got to admit.  I was not much of a skateboarder and I’ve never touched a surfboard but if it’s anything like riding a rola bola then I’ve been missing out.  The rola bola of course is probably the safest of these activities as face plants and shark attacks are exceedingly rare.  No, I don’t have the figures to back that claim up but when I find them I’ll let you know.

flowersticks1 rolabola1



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