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Do your kids really need another new toy?

Don’t they have a closet full of past presents they no longer play with? 

Wouldn’t it be better to give them a skill?

Something they can learn and do to better themselves?

kidsfacesSomething that will keep them occupied?

Rather than bored and fighting with their siblings?

Or on the computer all day and night?

Or pestering you?

Well, that all sounds good but what are you offering?

Juggling! Yes juggling. Entertain a king. Delight a crowd. 

kidbrainKeep your skills up in the cold winter months when soccer and baseball are just not possible. Studies have proven that taking up juggling helps to maintain team sport skills and improve hand-eye coordination which is important in so many aspects of life.

Oh, and it also builds gray matter. That’s right, juggling gives you more brains! And who couldn’t use a little more brains? Especially with the imminent zombie apocalypse…

juggling suppliesAnd the best part? Anyone can do it. Sure everyone does it poorly at first but that’s the beauty of juggling. We all start out with a level playing field. Sports star, bookworm, and everyone in between are all bad at juggling. Laughable, even.

But that’s where I come in. With my bag of tricks in tow, I will teach you and/or your kids to juggle. Not only that, but I’ll leave you with a set of juggling balls so that you can practice your new skill and start on your path to fame and fortune.

And don’t forget about the throngs of adoring fans! That’s right, they’ll be lining up by the boatload to catch a glimpse of your juggling prowess.So are you ready?

Order now before it’s too late.

jugglingMaybe you want to know a little about me?

My father taught me to juggle when I was just a wee lad. I took that initial skill of the three ball cascade and added scarves, and rings, and clubs, and knives, and fire, and kittens. I have taught juggling to hundreds of 12 year olds (I teach middle school math) as well as those older and younger at clubs and camps and can surely teach you too. 

The lesson would run about an hour and can be at your home provided you have space and are not too far from Northern Orange County. The rate is $30 per lesson per person and that includes an instruction book, a set of juggling balls, and a quick lesson on how to make your own.

What are you waiting for?
Give the gift that will last a lifetime.
Or get it for yourself.
Get juggling!

Lessons are available most weekends and school holidays.
Weekday evening lessons are possible but limited.
You can request days/times after checkout or contact me first.

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