Summer Camps

Some of the many reasons why you need the Juggling Rocks program at your summer camp.

Reason #1: You’ll enrich your curriculum.

Sure you offer swimming and soccer and arts and crafts but do you have a fun, exotic, and educational juggling program?  Offer your campers something unusual and it will help make your camp stand out among the many choices parents have.  That brings us to…

Reason #2: Parents like to get their money’s worth.

I have kids myself and from the parent’s perspective I don’t want to pay for my kids to do something at camp that they can do with the neighborhood kids for free.  Times are tight.  If I’m shelling out money then it’s for something that will give my boys experiences they can’t get at home.

Reason #3: Juggling builds confidence.

I don’t just teach my students to toss some beanbags around.  We explore learning a skill and the path it takes.  They get over their fear of mistakes.  They learn to expect and then work through the inevitable plateaus that discourage and ultimately lead many people to give up rather than give something its due. This understanding further benefits the students as they apply it to both school and extracurricular activities.

Reason #4: Juggling is exercise for the body and mind.

It is a proven fact that learning to juggle builds both gray and white matter (according to the University of Oxford) and who couldn’t use a little more brains?  Not only that but it is a good cardio workout that all campers can enjoy, not just the naturally athletic.  In fact kids who are reluctant to participate in other activities readily attempt juggling because everyone starts at the same level: terrible.  It takes away the stress of possibly appearing foolish because everyone is expecting to appear foolish.

Reason #5: Juggling will keep your campers busy during down time.

Juggling is something than can be done anytime and anywhere.  You’ll find that your campers will be practicing all the time.  The best part is that it will help minimize the mischief that can arise from boredom.  And who doesn’t want better behaved (and easier to manage) kids?

Reason #6: My program is cost effective.

There is minimal outlay of funds for equipment.  Students can make their own juggling balls for a couple of bucks a set.  I can do this with small groups of campers working in pairs or if you want to keep costs down, I can show your counselors how to do this with the campers.  The process is very easy and everyone will be a master at it in no time.

Reason #7: The programs are flexible enough to fit into any camp’s schedule and budget.

I can come for a single day session and work with groups of campers throughout the day so everyone gets to try their hand at juggling (depending on the number of campers).  Or there can be a weekly session for interested students to progress their skills over the course of the summer.  Another option is if you have theme weeks, I can attend for the entire week teaching juggling (and balloon twisting if desired) and give the campers some little skits they can perform for parents.

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